Why Tomi Lahren is defending Sydney Sweeney

The speculation started after Sydney Sweeney posted pictures for her mother’s birthday. Mechanical bull riding, line dancing in a barn, a cowboy booth-themed birthday cake, and parody MAGA hats were included in the party.

Shank, who missed the writing on the red cap and was suspicious of the incident, was quick to label his family as supporters.



Sweeney didn’t take long to notice her mother’s country-themed party. He took to Twitter to quell the rumors, It might not have an effect.

An innocent celebration for my mother’s 60th birthday has turned into an absurd political statement he tweeted, which was not intended. Please stop guessing. Lots of love to all and Happy Birthday Mom!”

People said that his family’s political affiliation did not include denial and fans were told that a political statement was made by one of Sweeney’s family members.

Tweeting Sweeney’s statement, Tomi Lahren said, “Never bow down or apologize in front of a crowd.”

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