Serge Ibaka’s move to the Milwaukee Bucks has had a profound effects on the sports landscape, namely by making an exclusive in-season interview with Aaron Rodgers possible.

Rodgers had plenty of fun with Ibaka’s questions, joking that Josh Allen was the worst quarterback in the NFL and that he would happily trade away David Bakhtiari. Even though Rodgers is often perceived as having a high opinion of himself, he did try to shy away from naming himself as one of the NFL’s greatest to ever do it.

Although Rodgers admitted that he’s surpassed his predecessor, he still honors Favre by including him among his top four NFL quarterbacks of all time.

Four, not five, because Rodgers was reluctant to include himself in his own top five, but Ibaka insisted.

Rodgers’ four include Tom Brady, Joe Montana, Steven Young and Brett Favre.

Rodgers agrees Bart Starr was a Packers legend, but when it comes to the past 30 years in Green Bay, Rodgers accepts that he owns that title.

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