North Korea fires two ballistic missiles toward Sea of Japan

North Korea tested a “high-thrust solid-fuel motor”, with state media describing it as an important test “for the development of another new-type strategic weapon system”.

All its known ICBMs are liquid-fuelled, however, and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has placed strategic priority on developing solid-fuel engines for more advanced missiles.

Kim said this year that he wants North Korea to have the world’s most powerful nuclear force, and declared his country an “irreversible” nuclear state.

The latest motor test was a step towards that goal, but it is not clear how far North Korea has come in the development of such a missile, analysts said.

Both countries like the United States and South Korea have warned for months this could come in North Korea conducting its seventh nuclear test.

Seoul’Military has said North Korea fired an “unidentified ballistic missile” Sunday, Share this news on Linkedin, twitter etc.

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