Rhamondre Stevenson’s decision to lateral the ball to a teammate took what was a surprisingly positive gain and turned it into complete chaos.

Reacting instinctively, Jakobi Meyers received the lateral, then backtracked in search of a new target. He found one in quarterback Mac Jones near midfield but didn’t see the man wearing No. 55 in silver and black.

Meyers includes an important detail in his response: The score was tied. That means at least he knew the Patriots didn’t need a touchdown at all costs. Whether Stevenson knew remains to be determined. But as Meyers admitted, he should’ve just accepted being tackled, sending the game to overtime.

Jones, a quarterback, accepted blame for the outcome of the play — even if he didn’t acknowledge the fact most quarterbacks aren’t tackling hulking edge rushers.

“I’ve got to tackle the guy,” Jones said. “It’s on me, and it’s my fault. … I’ve got to tackle the guy, and we play for overtime.”

Chandler Jones’ head coach, Josh McDaniels, was very relieved to see his former quarterback (from his time spent as New England’s offensive coordinator) fail to bring down his current edge rusher.

“Don’t get tackled by the quarterback — literally I just was thinking,” McDaniels said. “Once Rhamondre pitched the ball to Jakobi, I figured they’d probably just tackle whoever had it, and that would be it and we’d go to overtime.

Jones had enough juice, lifting the Raiders to the most unlikely of victories. Unsurprisingly, Patriots coach Bill Belichick had little to say on the matter, repeating the same phrase: “Made a mistake on the play.”

“Yeah, look, we’ve talked about situational football, we talk about it every week,” Belichick said. “But obviously we have to do a better job playing situational football, and not making critical mistakes in the game.

Instead of pinning the blame on Stevenson or Meyers, the Patriots decided to admit fault as a collective group. We may never know if Stevenson knew the game was tied, but McDaniels and the Raiders are happy to walk away with a win — even in the most unlikely of fashions.

“I have not seen that one,” quarterback Derek Carr said when asked if he’s ever seen a game end in such a manner. “I’m glad it went our way. I’ve stood up here and answered some hard questions about ‘what happened,’ I don’t even know how to tell you what happened sometimes.

“Crazy he threw it back, Chandler caught it. In my brain, I was like, ‘pitch it.’ I don’t know Chandler’s 40 times, but when you stiff-arm, it goes down a little bit. But he made it to the end zone, it was an unbelievable play, and I’m glad we had one go our way that way.”

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